Pyunkang Yul ACNE Spot Patch Super Thin (15 Plástrar)

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Ultra thin, transparent hydrocolloid patch that does not stand out on the skin and cares for wounds and acne.

  • It maintains moisture in the skin while protecting acne spots and minimizing scars.
  • The super thin texture allows for natural, unnoticeable coverage.
  • Waterproof effect with strong adhesiveness.
  • Pair with ACNE line products for boosting acne-clearing effect.

How to use:

Step 1: Completely dry spots of acne and affected areas after cleansing them.

Step 2: Detach a sterilized film and peel off spot patches according to the already cut line.

Step 3: Slap circular patches on troubled skin areas and wounds.

Step 4: Once patches have fully absorbed discharge and the color turns white, detach the patches carefully.


Polyisobutene, Polyurethane-9, Polyisoprene, Cellulose Gum


About brand: 

Pyunkang Yul: Minimal Ingredients for Delivering Skin Relaxation 

Over 40 years of experience and research, we have been seeking the best formula to grow natural skin's barrier. 

Pyunkang Yul produces only natural cosmetics, which have concise compositions (from 5 to 15 active ingredients). The formulas of the products are specially designed so as not to irritate sensitive or allergy-prone skin. Products do not contain synthetic fragrances, alcohols, silicones and other harmful substances. The main principle of Pyunkang Yul is safe ingredients in high concentration.
Korean skin care brand Pyunkang Yul was established in March 2016 by Pyunkang Korean Medicine Hospital, a traditional medicine clinic known for treating atopic skin disorders. Adhering to a philosophy of holistic body wellness, Pyunkang Yul believes healthy skin is attained by maintaining its oil and moisture balance. The Korean beauty brand avoids unnecessary chemical substances in its products, using only natural ingredients that are most gentle on the skin. 
"We focus on root cause instead of temporary effects."
 Products are 100% made in Korea and cruelty-free. 

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