Inahsi Naturals Define & Shine Collection

Introducing the Inahsi Naturals
Define & Shine Collection
Who's ready to Define & Shine!  The lightweight, fragrance-free Liquid Styling Gel will define your curls, while adding shine and bounce to each strand.  This liquid styler provides a soft to medium hold without leaving your curls dry or crunchy. 
Next up, the fragrance-free frizz fighting Volumizing Styling Foam will leave your curls defined, voluminous and oh so shiny. 
Last but not least, the Coconut oil free Mango Papaya Curl Defining Custard will leave your curls moisturized, defined and oh the shine is out of this world!


Put that frizz on notice, it's time to Define & Shine!




You without compromise. This is why we do what we do. 


We are passionate about making quality Hair Care products, that incorporate natural ingredients, allowing you to fully embrace the natural you from head to toe.




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