Jessicurl Confidence Collection™ - Product collection for coarse, kinky hair

Jessicurl Confidence Collection™ - Product collection for coarse, kinky hair

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Confidence Collection

Product collection for coarse, kinky hair
59ml bottles - Fragrance Free

Product Story 
Together these four products will moisturize and define your kinky curls without causing shrinkage or being too greasy.  Best suited for hair types 3C-4C. Step-by-step usage instructions are included to help ensure your kinks and coils turn out great each time.  

NOTE: 59ml collections are available in no-fragrance only.

The Confidence Collection™ includes Hair Cleansing CreamConfident Coils Styling SolutionToo Shea! Extra Moisturizing Conditioner and Deep Conditioning Treatment.


Step By Step Instructions for Using the Confidence Collection

-A collection of products best suited to tighter curl patterns, such as 3B-4C.





Washing: Wet hair well and massage Hair Cleansing Cream into  scalp. Finger comb lather through length of hair and rinse well.

Curly Clue:
 Don’t bunch your hair up on top of your head when washing. It causes tangles and possibly breakage.

Hair Cleansing Cream

Daily Conditioning:  Apply conditioner as if you were putting your hair in a ponytail. Finger comb through  length of  hair and let sit for 3-5 minutes. Gently comb with a wide-toothed comb. Rinse well, then re-apply conditioner as a leave-in.

Too Shea! Extra Moisturizing Conditioner

Applying Confident Coils: After rinsing, do not wring out your hair or put it up in a towel. Doing so can disrupt your curl pattern, and the towel trick can cause SERIOUS frizz. Instead, rake a puddle of Confident Coils mixed with Too Shea through hair to elongate curls and moisturize. Doing this when hair is soaking wet helps prevent frizz later in the day.

Confident Coils

Removing Water And Creating Curls: Gently blot hair with a microfiber towel to remove excess water without jeopardizing your curl pattern.  If necessary, apply a bit more Confident Coils, depending on hair length and thickness.

Curly Clue: Terrycloth towels cause frizz. Microfiber soaks up water but helps curls keep their shape and remain frizz free.

Microfiber Towel

Ensuring Soft Moisturized Curls: Once per week do a deep treatment, ideally with heat. For very dry hair, use Deep Treatment daily as your rinse out. It can even be used as a leave in if necessary.

Deep Conditioning Treatment

THE LAST STEP IS DRYING –with or without a hair dryer.

Hair Dryer Method - Use a diffuser to keep hair from frizzing. Diffusing generally gives curlier curls and greater volume, especially if you diffuse upside down. Gently scrunch while diffusing, and only until your hair is about 75% dry. After you’re done diffusing, DO NOT touch your curls until your hair is totally dry. Touching while it dries will cause frizz.

Air Drying - After scrunching your hair and arranging your curls the way you want them, it’s important to keep your hands OUT of your hair until it’s totally dry. This will preserve curl enhancement and keep frizz at bay. If your goal is to elongate and reduce volume, air drying is better. If you want to amp up the volume, diffusing is the way to go.

Scrunch out the crunch - After air-drying until your hair is totally dry, gently scrunch out any crunch that you may have. Don’t do this until your hair is TOTALLY dry, or you could cause frizz. You will be left with soft, bouncy curls that hold up in humidity OR dry climates.

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