Only Curls


Curly Girl friendly styling products for happy, hydrated and defined curls. 

No Sulfates, No Silicones, No Parabens, No Mineral Oil, No Paraffin, No Animal Testing. 

Our Curly Method:

Step 1:  Shampoo your hair using the All Curl Cleanser and rinse thoroughly
Step 2:  Comb All Curl Conditioner through your hair, so that curls are detangled whilst wet. Rinse.
Step 3: Apply Hydrating Curl Creme into soaking wet hair. Comb the product through with your hands and scrunch upwards towards your scalp. This will squeeze out any excess water and scrunch your curls into shape.
Step 4:  Scrunch dry with the Curly Towel. Hold each scrunch tightly for 3 seconds and release.
Step 5:  Apply Enhancing Curl Gel for definition and shine. Apply using your hands, then scrunch to encourage bounce.
Air dry or diffuse dry to finish.
Additional Curly Tips:
Keep your Hydrating Curl Creme in the shower. This way you can apply immediately after rinsing out the All Curl Conditioner. Applying your first product to soaking wet hair, helps eliminate frizz since the hair is smoothest when wet.

If you’re looking for extra definition, spend a little time finger coiling your curl clumps after you have applied the Hydrating Curl Creme.

If you curls are feeling extra dry, try mixing a little All Curl Conditioner in with your Hydrating Curl Creme for a more moisturising leave in. This method is usually well suited to type 4 curls.

On non-wash days, create a spritz bottle with 5-10% conditioner and the rest water. Dampen your curls with this and then scrunch in some Enhancing Curl Gel to redefine the curls.

When diffusing your hair, dry in sections. Tip your curls into the bowl, lift towards scalp and then keep the hair dryer still to minimise frizz.